Houseboat - latest news (October 7, 2022)

Top 5 places in India where you can enjoy the houseboat experience

A nomadic mother-of-two, who gave birth to her first child in a converted van and her second in a houseboat, is now avoiding ...
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Nomadic mum escapes cost-of-living crisis by house-sitting for free

A distinctive houseboat experience has been introduced by 974 Cruises at the Old Doha Port Marina, Box Park. This boat, also ...
Qatar Moments on MSN | 1 hour ago
Man stays in houseboat during hurricane. See where he ended up

Eighteen students took part in a Summer Design Studio at the School of Architecture and competed to come up with the best ... | 6 days ago
Houseboat with two dogs sinking at Paradise Point after hearing bang

Captain Mike Staczek still can’t shake the fury and vengeance Hurricane Ian unleashed. “It was really unbelievable," Staczek ...
Newsy | 2 days ago
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